Application update VLC live support Android Auto and improved compatibility with chrome book

تحديث تطبيق VLC يُعيد دعم أندرويد أوتو وتحسين التوافق مع كروم بوك

Is VLC one of the best media players that exist, so that supports almost all formats of video and audio files, as well as the support of his work on every platform, in the meantime was the availability of a new update for the supports Android system only, was lifted from the version number of the application to the VLC 3.1, where has this new version a lot of useful plugins.

In respect of the major addition is support for the operator’s Android Auto, and if you remember has been the implementation of this support two years ago, but after a few months it has been removed, and now back again, and includes some other changes to support the servers SMB v2 / 3 local, as well as support for external storage on Chromebooks, and add shortcuts to the operator, and the ability to browse files on devices OTG.

Also there is a new option aimed at assembling the video clips by the board, with the option to save sorting preferences, as well as improved support for media libraries, but on the Android TV has become the application supports the preparation of the network share manually and the option to sort the media and display channels from the main screen.

Finally updated VLC 3.1 up gradually to Android users, in the case of non-arrival you can join the community demo app from here, or simply download the file. the APK update from here.

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