Application update Gboard brings the translation feature within the app on the iOS platform

The company launched the Google new update for the application keyboard Gboard on the iOS platform, supports users with the upgrade within the app directly for more than 100 languages.

Gboard iOS

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Users began to apply the keyboard Gboard on the iOS platform in the experience of application features new upgrade feature integrated with the keyboard, which you can get direct translation during writing.

Is available this new version of the application Gboard now on the Apple App Store for users of iPad life, as the application supports the user in a direct translation for over 100 languages within the app without having to go out in the beginning to get translated from other apps customized.

Recall that the advantage of the new upgrade come in the new update to apply the Gboard through the icon in the bar area, as it can activate the water directly when you click on the Google button, and can also set the language by default and automatically in the app, or you can adjust the desired language manually by the user.


I know of

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