Application Typing Hero to shorten long words by short and sent

Definitely march your accounts at a number of times in which you write text over and over again by your smart phone, or count the number of times to copy and paste some text from the other apps? Break the habit and save time and effort in writing especially writing long words use this new app Typing Hero and exclusively on the Android operating system, where this wonderful app and interestingly able to help you in achieving this.

Where is a tool that make it very easy to re-use phrases, long words short when sending text messages, such as the use of the phrase “Good Morning” a lot, with this app you can book a combination of three or four characters, just as an abbreviation for this phrase, and immediately type the shortcut you will see the ferry is full, you complete the process of transmission.

Finally apply a Typing Hero is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, which doesn’t come with any annoying ads, that supports Android version 6.0 is the latest.

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