Application TIME Immersive to assist the council’s decision to explore her stories through VR and AR

In the recent times have seen the platforms and applications of virtual reality VR and augmented reality AR a qualitative leap, and this is what we have really in the ideas coming with this type of application. New, application TIME Immersive which goes back to the Council of the Global “time”, the idea is that this app will create an immersive environment where users can delve deep into the stories that matter to them.

تطبيق TIME Immersive لمساعدة قرّاء المجلة في استكشاف قصصها عبر VR و ARApplication TIMEImmersive to assist the council’s decision to explore her stories through VR and AR

In other words it makes the application TIME Immersive stories Council vibrant via your smart phone with the capabilities of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Here, the app currently offers the surface of the moon and the heart of the Amazon jungle, to add new experiences and immersive in the future.

On the other hand, pointed out the team work of the application, that the application of them that does not currently support Android devices tablet, that works with Android phones her version 8.0 the latest.

As it will be with a phone camera Pixel 2 the latest, and of course you must download the latest version of an augmented reality application Arcor “ARCore“.

As well, there own version of the app for the iOS, which supports the phones iPhone only, and the iOS version 11 the latest, and a phone iPhone 7 compatible, most recent.

Finally, the application comes with any ads or any elements of buying indoor, whether on Android or iOS.

Download Application TIME Immersive on Android.

Download Application TIME Immersive on iOS.

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