Application Team X gets a major update

مهرجان الجوال في سوق السعودية

تطبيق تليجرام اكس يحصل على تحديث رئيسيApplication Team X gets a major update

In February of last year , the platform team application Team X the benefits of the advanced administration, privacy and control settings for the Android, while keeping the main application and update it periodically, and today we have good news for users of version cutting-edge : application to Team X gets a major update.

The main feature that was added to the new version of Team X, is the reconstruction of the system of notification of New easy customization and use.

In the new version, there are two types of notification settings New oriented privacy and compiling notifications better, too, as well as improvements to notifications and customize the settings of notifications dedicated to each channel .

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

Offers update also polls and data General performance and better control in your data, where you can now erase all data related to the application on one of your devices remotely in case of theft.

New version available now on the Google Play Store .

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