Application StoryZ Photo motion new create visual stories from your photos fixed

No we will not stop reviewing new apps, whether on Android or iOS, you time we save you the trouble of searching and we put between your hands the new and at the same time, in this article with us a new app available exclusively on the Android operating system with us application StoryZ Photo motion, which we know is in short extreme is a tool to create a visual story of your photos fixed, in other words make part of your picture fixed and moving!

Turn this app film Developer Team rich applications for the definition of “LightX Photo Editor and Photo Effects”, and just like any application another movie on the Play Store, you’ll be able to easily create static images, artful also contain some moving parts, there is also the aspect of social media to comment, so you can expect to get a lot of opportunities to share your photos and talk about the art of photography.

Can work with the app whether beginner or expert, where the effects that it contains double the motion, Double and wherever you find yourself go and you’re clear-headed, and therefore includes application tools, easy to use, simple and moving pictures of the default, either in respect of the possibility to use it as follows:

  • Select the image as its size required.
  • Add movement points / equity to give motion to the part of your image, to be the head of the omissions is the one who decides the direction of motion.
  • After that move to war series which is a series of movement points equal size to give the war a consecutive part of your photo, where this feature adds motion to the label length.
  • After that you need to add fixing points to prevent the part of your image from the talk about by reducing the impact of a life point or series.
  • Down to a series of independence a series of points to demonstrate equal amounts of time.
  • Here you roll your finger across the points of liberty or independence.
  • Finally take advantage of run the image and see them before you save them and share them.

Finally the application of StoryZ Photo motion is available for free download from the store Google Play, that includes ads and purchases internal, so take advantage of the Great of all his tools at hand.

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