Application Sporify may allow users to soon import their own songs


Is music services are useful because they allow you to listen to songs whenever you want during development, as well as the ability to search and add songs to your library without having to deal with cables and all those annoying things. However, the music is not perfect 100% because the catalog depends on the deals conducted by those services with various publishers and brands specialized in the music industry.

This means that you will sometimes positions you cannot find the song or artist that you want. But the good news is that, according to researcher Jane Manchun Wong, have discovered that the application of Spotify for Android could soon get a feature to import songs. This feature allows users to import songs directly from the Android devices of their own, so if you have some songs stored on it, you can import it into Spotify, which saves you time by avoiding switching between apps Musical.

It is unclear how this would work it and if it looks similar to iTunes Match where users can raise the songs that may not be available on the Apple Music service, and let them access it on all devices that use the same account Apple Music. However, even if it does not, will this feature provides the users the trouble to switch between apps music if they were trying to listen to their songs. Unfortunately, there is currently no information about the launch date of this feature, but we will continue to watch the situation.



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