Application SoundCloud gets a night mode in the updated last!

He began to apply the famous Music SoundCloud to receive a new update with Night Mode, in line with the launch of the updated Android 10 that brings a night mode on the system level.

تطبيق ساوند كلاود يحصل على الوضع الليلي في تحديثه الأخيرApplication SoundCloud gets a night mode in the updated Final

This comes to improve the development of SoundCloud after weeks of pilot test, Wuhu dedicated to support the night mode on the system level on phones that are running Android 10.

Where it says new update available now on the Google Play Store to switch between Normal mode and night mode “Dark mode” automatically according to the settings of the system on the Android 10.

It gives the application the possibility to turn on or off the Night Mode interface have to hand, which means the possibility to work on Android versions older, and Android 9.

To turn on Night Mode manually, go to Settings and then features will show you the option to switch between night mode “dark” and normal.

Also note, that the night mode on SoundCloud that uses a gray color dark brown, not black as in the updated Instagram the demo, which is the color which is used by Google in the majority of applications where the color dark gray better experience with OLED screens for the Black color.

Make sure they get the update to you, and tell us in the comments about your experience with Night Mode on different applications.

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