Application SchoolVoice link between the school, parents

تطبيق SchoolVoice حلقة وصل بين المدرسة وأولياء الأمور

تطبيق SchoolVoice حلقة وصل بين المدرسة وأولياء الأمور

There is no doubt that most of the schools in the Arab world to take an intensive programme interesting to the student and inform the parent aspects of study, but unfortunately, the link between school and guardian is usually related to the complexity and delays, there is no Platform University send updates and things related to the student for his guardian, and if it be through traditional.

In an attempt to get out of it and devise methods of control and follow up the Arab Working Group UAE established to develop a digital platform clever name SchoolVoice aiming to simplify the process of communication between schools and parents, is that the most important obstacles that stand in the way of effective communication in the education sector to be the goal is the only product publication of educational development.

On the other hand, service SchoolVoice available on the desktop as well as on the Smart Phone “Android and iOS”, and was developed to help schools avoid paper-work that requires parents to sign school papers and flyers Academy, which may be less effective and lead eventually to loss of time, to be the integration of modern technology in this service, let’s finally experience use great, easy, fast response, and most importantly contribute to the increased rates of students.

In relation to the application it provides a seamless experience to allow parents to immediately respond to school letters with one touch, with the availability of a guardian to receive messages and get notified the instant a message has been sent, in addition to remind him to deal with it in case he forget, and the characteristic responses of these proactive Guardian messages with preset options to enable it to inform the school with his consent, refused it, and confirm to see the content of the messages touch on the screen of the phone.

تطبيق SchoolVoice حلقة وصل بين المدرسة وأولياء الأمور

The types of messages and responses specified in advance:

  • Letters of acceptance or rejection:

These messages contain the text sent by the school requesting the Guardian’s approval or rejection, on some Affairs relating to the student, such as student participation in school events, and the application of the guardian to inform the School of its approval or rejection by clicking on the option “accept” or reject” at the bottom of the message.

  • Confirmation messages found:

The app allows the guardian to receive messages requesting the school to confirm, ask him by clicking on the option “done” attached at the bottom of the message. These kind of messages in the things that you need school to make sure that the Guardian may ask to update, such as changing the dates of attendance, or changes in study schedules.

  • Messages payment small financial:

To facilitate the process of payment small financial and experimenting with a guardian go to the school to pay or sent with the student, the app will help him to repay this type of payment immediately through the secure system by clicking the option “push” which accompanied the letter.

  • Messages case of Emergency:

The app also provides messages operate to alert a guardian in case of Emergency, such as illness of student during school hours, as they will receive an instant message appear on the full screen of his phone accompanied by a buzzer sound. And the beep sound from the phones that run Android even if the phone is put on silent.

The application includes SchoolVoice dry other allow the guardian to a wider angle to see the student’s life of study such as letters of request, start the conversation with the school, with a SMS messages backup, which if you don’t expect the Internet to have a guardian, will be able to staff the School of learn it via the control panel the system administrator for the Guardian’s version of SMS backup to the mobile number of the guardian to ensure receipt of the letter, as well as the option of follow-up assessment of the student and weekly, with the tool watch the moment the school developer, and a lot of tools to help in follow up and monitor the student life of the school.

Finally trading in the platform SchoolVoice as a teacher or a parent that you can immediately jump to the official website of the service here, as well as download the application SchoolVoice on Android to go to here and for iOS from here.

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