Application SchoolVoice finally Saudi Arabia on 23 April

In a move aimed at promoting the process of communication between schools and parents, the company announced SchoolVoice UAE asked to apply their own communion between parents and schools in Saudi Arabia starting from the 23 of April at Gallery digital education for the year 2018 in the wind.

Simplify platform SchoolVoice the process of communication between schools, parents and the rates of their interaction together. These are the region of the interface controller to the schools and apply smart parents they can download it for free on the Android system and iOS. And Control Panel SchoolVoice school to create and send messages that will be received by parents on the application to react to him in an instant, in addition to access to the school on the immediate reports on the interaction rates and the arrival of messages.

In an initiative to support the process of communication between families and schools in Saudi Arabia, will SchoolVoice free subscription for the whole year for all the schools which provide their location in the gallery of digital education in Riyadh on 23 and 24 April, in addition to providing free subscriptions for a full year to schools that register through the website during this period.

The difficulties faced by schools is currently in the process of communication with parents

The schools of the slow process of communication with parents lack of means to provide instant responses from the Guardian, especially in light of the Frequent participation of parents. As well as, and still think some of the schools currently work style paper and communicate by conventional means, such as sending publications with the student and wait to get signed written permission from the Guardian in the things that you need to the consent of the Guardian. As also used e-mail messages that possible to forget the guardians found them, or communicate via SMS messages that do not allow the guardian to the possibility of reply, which brings the school about accomplish a lot of tasks and makes the process of communication between her and parents non-interactive.

How to help SchoolVoice to simplify the process of communication?

To assist schools to overcome the obstacle of idle process of communication and the burden of administrative work, the team SchoolVoice conduct many of the research user experience include the application properties will involve the Guardian in the smartest and the student life tuition with minimal effort possible through the following characteristics:

Property responses predefined to continue faster and simpler

The characteristic responses of the preset that allows the school to send a bunch of instant messages that carry with them a specific reply in advance allows the guardian to interact and respond through a single touch on the screen of his phone.

The messages and responses pre-specified several categories include letters of acceptance and rejection, letters of confirmation found, the messages and the payment is small financial. And can messages acceptance or rejection of the school to obtain parental consent immediately by opting for the option of “accept” or “reject” the bottom of the message. The letters “confirmation of access” for the school to make sure that a guardian has read the message by choosing option “has been found”.

Schools can send messages payment small financial reports payment of guardian’s payments, such as fees, excursions, textbooks, and being able to pay them off immediately via the app through a secure system by clicking on the button “pay” at the bottom of the message.

To speed up the process of communication and taking into account the schedules of parents crowded the shortness of the time of school staff, the app provides the feature request messages to start conversation that can student of the school sent to the Guardian, and start discussing it in any order immediately, which speeds up the process of communication and turn them on the staff.

Remember the guardian to deal with the messages

In the absence of the interaction of the Guardian with the letter, provide the product property of ticket messages that enable the crew to send a notice of reminder on the phone of the guardian to remind him to interact with the message if it was important.

Messages of Emergency Situations

The possibility of sending messages to enable the school to communicate immediately in case of Emergency with the Guardian, will receive an instant message on the app with the alert will appear on the entire screen of his phone accompanied by an alarm sound level. The audio Alarm even if the phone was on silent mode.

What if I didn’t have a guardian Internet connection?

In the case of the inability of the guardian to receive school letters due to not connected to the Internet, the platform SchoolVoice will automatically send a copy of SMS backup from the message to the mobile number of the Guardian if the message was important, to ensure the message’s arrival and survival to see the messages the school is important.

Storyboard and direct

The school has the freedom to activate the properties of the interactive such as giving a guardian a glance live what’s going on during school hours across the comic book, which will see its crew to the school to be broadcast across a section of the storyboard at the top of the home page to enjoy levels of privacy strictly in line with the educational systems. Also launch the app will soon feature a live broadcast to enable parents to share moments live from inside the school.

Evaluation of the student on a weekly basis

To ensure the help of the school and guardian to collaborate more to improve student academic and behavioral also, the app provides the possibility to activate a property of Student Assessment that allows for school staff to assess the student on a weekly basis, to follow the Guardian’s level student through the application to intervene in time to help.

Integration platform SchoolVoice with other systems schools

In the case of the desire of the school using the app, the team will SchoolVoice technical assistance to integrate and the integration of existing systems the school has applications like school management systems, managing student data, to align the platform SchoolVoice with it. After conducting systems integration will be able to the crew to send messages to students, teachers and administrative staff. The product also create groups and send messages as the page and its sections, in addition to schedule times to send messages.

Relieve the burden of administrative work

In order to facilitate the process of obtaining management reports on the process of communication, allows product for school staff the ability to obtain immediate reports on: the ratio of the download app by users, reports on the interaction of the recipient with the messages, the recipient list, the case of receipt by the recipient, and the status of each message by the recipient, the date and to facilitate interactions, and a list of responses to the messages of request to to start the conversation, reports, messages, payments, and reports messages of others received messages copy of SMS backup.

Clashes SchoolVoice free for a year for schools

Include your SchoolVoice in the gallery of digital education in Riyadh on 23 and 24 April, will provide free product to all the schools of the kingdom for a whole academic year.

As schools can Kingdom get clash free full for the whole year by registering to use the platform SchoolVoice on the website here during the 23rd and 24th of the current month.

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