Application Samsung Pay emphasizes on the sensor fingerprint built-in screen Galaxy S10

Monitoring the latest settlement of the new update for the application payment service, Samsung Pay support refers to one of the versions of Samsung’s upcoming A series of Galaxy S10 to feature a fingerprint sensor built into the screen.


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Raised a lot of controversy during the last period about the technique of sensor footprint in a series of Galaxy S10, where he pointed out some leaks to that Samsung make the next versions with sensor-fingerprint built-in screen, while the leaks that Samsung will sensor fingerprint in the background of the design of the phone.

In new leaks today, the monitoring of new development in the modernization of the perpetrator of the development of payment Samsung Pay confirms that the technique of sensor footprint on the screen come in one of the versions of Samsung’s upcoming A series of Galaxy S10.

Recall that the leaks revealed so far about many of the features of the next versions of the series Galaxy S10, where the detection of the size of the phones, design, camera, design and screen to the side of the night-vision mode in phones, coupled with the software update associated with the AT phones.


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