Application Samsung happen to touch the edges of the phone screen by mistake

If you experience or owning a Galaxy S10 or +S10, you often find yourself in the pages and apps you didn’t mean to reach during use, and all this by touching the palm of the hand the edges of the screens curved by mistake, but there is a solution to this problem is an official app from Samsung.

Application name EdgeTouch and cancel the response to the edges of the screen to the palm of the hand by mistake, and associated the app with all the phones Galaxy the network curve as long as the running Android System 8 or later, and therefore does not comply app with Galaxy S10e which comes with a flat-screen.

To download the app, head to the store Galaxy and search or go directly to [link], and then click on the Install button in the application page.

After opening the app and the necessary permissions when requested via popup windows, you can specify two types of edges, in yellow an area that will not account for it at all. in Green, an area that will not account for it when the phone is mounted.

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