Application Pro KnockOut over wallpapers images easily

Spread the link to remove the background of the photo, and unfortunately a lot of use of this site and did not read in the terms of the privacy that the site says to reject these images on its servers and it is possible to use and unfortunately many of our girls, they use these sites which modify the sound, so today we offer you one of the possible applications of the very amendment on the photo and delete the background.

This app with many features that are rarely in one application, it deletes the background tools is very simple, it can also delete unwanted elements in the photo that is basically if you take a photo and there is something you’d like to delete, such as person in the background or something makes the sound bad, too. preparing the images is one of the features that I liked too is converted to image three-dimensional.

The most powerful feature is to convert a photo into a photo card or a passport photo, with the change of the background color and what is required of you by the competent authority.

The app is very special and look downloaded, because the features that we mentioned are few of the many. It merges the sound also adds wallpapers that can be downloaded from the library of backgrounds, like make yourself at Paris or London, and also can add stickers on the photo and text effects, forms. Or convert the same images to the forms.

Pro KnockOut-Background Eraser



Chi zhang

Size 57.3 MB
Version 3.1
متاح في متجر البرامج


Tell us your opinion after you download the app and try it do you like it? Would you like to charge for the apps special?

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