Application penetration testing MyFitnessPall and 150 million accounts

اختراق تطبيق MyFitnessPall ونحو 150 مليون حساب تحت التأثير

اختراق تطبيق MyFitnessPall ونحو 150 مليون حساب تحت التأثير

In the last few years gained the sports apparel company American Under Armor popular, where it became and remains the greatest competitive with other companies in the likes of Nike and Puma are, on the one hand it has the company applied a special Fitness is called MyFitnessPal which allows tracking of calories as well as offering programs for physical fitness and information about diets.

But the bad news according to buy Under Armor the data applied to MyFitnessPal has been hacked, thus the impact of stolen data including usernames, email addresses and passwords for around 150 million accounts to be one of the largest attacks of its kind in this year.

The company noted that it is not the combustion of the credit card and even social security numbers, however this does not mean that users are safe because cyber criminals can harm the information that they received.

In this regard, the company’s shares plummeted 3%, and summoned the police to issue a formal statement telling investors the process of penetration, as well as urging other users to do steps temporally necessary, change the password immediately to the side there is a new page detailing the facts about the horses and relieve some of the fears.

Finally is this the biggest breakthrough for 2018, and one of the top five at all, and of course ranked first in this arrangement the gas prestigious is the breakthrough data Yahoo accounts in 2013, which when breached data of more than 3 million accounts.

Source: Under Armour

The breakthrough application MyFitnessPall and 150 million accounts appeared first on the tech world.

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