Application +One Hand Operation of the Samsung lets you customize gestures on your smartphone

Women use mobile application software on smartphone phone

Cut Android devices has come a long way. Depended initially on the physical buttons below the screen to control the interface of the system, and after that replaced buttons Virtual On-Screen. Now, more businesses have begun to abandon the buttons default and replacing it with a gesture. However, with the increasing sizes of the screens of our smart phones, it can be to talk on the phone with one hand is difficult for many. Well, to facilitate things a bit, Samsung launched a new application named +One Hand Operation on the Google Play Store.

This app makes use of the phones with one hand easier. Lets you perform different actions using gestures to drag the various edges of the screen. You can customize the gestures drag for different functions like return to home screen and open the previous app and take a screenshot, and more. He moved to the source link below for the full list of functions offered by this app.


+One Hand Operation is very useful application, but it only works on Samsung devices. Thus, if you own a phone belonging to the South Korean company, head to the source link below to download.


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