Application Office Lens gets the advantage of textual comments

تطبيق Office Lens يحصل على ميزة التعليقات النصيّة

Received application Office Lens from Microsoft, which is one of the best apps for 2015, an update is small but important turn will allow users to place text over their photos, in other words identify with the image with the text, and if you haven’t used the app yet, you’ll most likely need to know that the app allows users of Android and iOS convert images to PDF files and word and PowerPoint, in addition to the party in OneNote, onedrive or your phone.

Perhaps the most interesting option you have when using Office Lens is the ability to chop white documents readable and improve the manufacture, and with the last update you’ll be able to put text on your photos, besides this new option Microsoft also indicated the existence of some reforms and improvements in the performance of the application.

Finally an update for Office Lens now available for everyone to download on Android and iOS, go here and here respectively.

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