Application of Yara Yara – rent fashion, weddings and events, for free !

With us today, the application carries the idea of a characteristic, allows all who wish to obtain a different fashion dresses, weddings and events of the get them at affordable prices, and easy manner without the need for here or there, apply Yarra offers you all of that !

تطبيق Yara - يارا - لتأجير أزياء الأفراح والمناسبات

Application of Yara – Yara – rent fashion, weddings and events

Often you may need to get Fashion the joys and events for a limited time, you may be a night or two, this does not need to pay a considerable price for it, or even if I wanted to lease them from specialist shops, then the price is high, for this came the application of the Yar to stop this service at the cheapest possible price.

Where the different distributors around the world post what they have of fashion custom clothes, joys, and rent them, and they know the price allocated to it, you can find the right offer for you in your area and communicate with the lessor agree on a price and the details of the lease.

تطبيق Yara - يارا - لتأجير أزياء الأفراح والمناسبات

Application of Yara – Yara – rent fashion, weddings and events

This application provides a Yar many of the advantages are as follows:

  • The app is completely free.
  • You can be distributed to the same Membership that you use as a customer.
  • Chat feature to communicate with the community and the lessor.
  • The possibility to block any user or to report any product concerns.

Rental fashion events and making money from home !

Your reliance on the application of the Yar, you can earn money through your phone and from your home, just sufficient to publish the dictates of custom clothing for various occasions and rent them and earn money through it.

Routes availability of convenient and easy !

Of course and easily you can view what you want to say rent it out, or get fashion clothes for rental and viewing of images and to make sure suitable by you, with the agreed price and time with ease, through the application of the Yar, because it provides a way to review problem internal with the lessor or the lessee, and it is simple and very fast.


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch iPad iOS version 9.0 or above.

Size devices Apple: 29.8 MB

For download:

Developer : faisal alhamadi

Price : free

  Click here to download

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