Application of the Visionist to turn your photos into amazing works of art on iOS

تطبيق Visionist لتحويل صورك إلى أعمال فنية مذهلة على iOS

Remember to apply Prisma “Prisma” which was the first of its kind in the introduction of neural networks intelligent image processing, where it simply says the app converts your photo into an image as if it is drawn, apply the Visionist-like press, but with stronger tools, so what sets it apart from other such applications is its support for creating two filters, which achieves unique results.

And serve you the simplicity of the app, which includes the methods of different functional fully, as there are an infinite number of patterns, where each pattern is available in three different levels of adjustment, as well as the possibility of blending style with the original image in several ways with power adjustment pattern from 0% to 100%.

Not only this, but that the application of the Visionist called results in 4k of course on modern hardware, with additional features to deal on the photo such as the selection of colors and highlighting a certain area in the picture and many others, finally the application of Visionist available for free download on iOS only, for there to be a 60’s style extra but available for purchase for one time.

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