Application of the Signal for the safe gets $ 50 million from the co-founder WhatsApp

Signal is a free application and open source available on mobile operating systems Android and iOS and desktop Mac Windows, features of high security and encryption from Party to party, allowing users to use encryption to send text messages and collective messages, which include audio and video chats audio and video is encrypted between the users of the app. Now I got the app on the investment of $ 50 million by Brian Acton, co-founder of the development of WhatsApp before the acquisition of Facebook for $ 19 billion, comes investment new within the initiative to support the ongoing development of the. After leaving WhatsApp last fall, says Acton it is now based exploration projects that are consistent with the ideals that he believes in, and this includes the creation of Online Services maintain privacy of users. Published one and group Signal in a blog post that the company will be able to grow and implement its long-term vision of offering freelancing service calls sophisticated and completely safe.

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