Application of the Measure Google uses augmented reality to measure things

تطبيق Measure من قوقل يستخدم الواقع المعزز لقياس الأشياء

Currently more platforms augmented reality used in mobile phones is the ARCore company Google, with the passage of days more and support for many phones, and of course this product came alternative for the augmented reality other Tango which was to require some piece of external cams and sensors ,,,etc., in the same context, but on the other hand, during the previous phase we saw dozens of apps that support the platform ARCore, the application of the Measure one of these apps which, by the way of the development of the company Google.

In regards to the usefulness of the application, it is used to measure things via the phone’s camera using augmented reality AR, and if you are familiar with the AR experience, the experience of the app is very simple: all you need is to put two signs in real world locations and get the distance between them, the video below shows you how the app works:

Finally the application can be Measure is very useful in some situations that may be where the use of a tape measure is not appropriate, and it is available in free and full-on store, Google Play, or download the file. the APK from here.

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