Application of the Hidey Hole in the new special wallpapers series phones Galaxy S10

تطبيق Hidey Hole الجديد يُقدّم خلفيات خاصة لسلسلة هواتف جالاكسي S10There is no doubt that the task download backgrounds and it is very handy, and wonder of the mission there is a need to apply the background to? This answer depends on the intention of the user in the customization and the love of change, where would most of the users adjust the rear pre-set, for example some wish the presence of low background brightness to make text readable better, not to mention the consequences of the saturation of the background and its size and accuracy, etc.

Generally, if you’re one of the campaign phones the family of the Galaxy S10, and strongly in customize the background, try applying the Hidey Hole of the new, which was designed in the first place the safety of Galaxy Note 10, and includes the app Khalifa I high accuracy, and most importantly the design of these backgrounds are specially designed to display the high as well as the design of screen phones listed.

It is the nurses next to him, the possibility of two lock screen or home screen or both, as well as tools to modify the background whether by the sword or contrast or saturation, there is a tool to align the open the image with your current device, and not only that, but where there are options to filter by Device Type according to picture type according to the popular usage as modernity.

Finally application of the Hidey Hole is available to download for free and complete and does not contain any ads or any operations of purchase and boarding, tide more backgrounds periodically.

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