Application of the Elements of Google to create apps dynamic using the ARCore

تطبيق Elements من قوقل لإنشاء تطبيقات ديناميكية أفضل باستخدام ARCore

If you are a developer or designer intended the first experience using augmented reality “AR” means application of the Elements is an excellent choice, as is a new application developed by Google is designed to help interested AR “AR” to learn the techniques of creating apps dynamic using the platform ARCore.

And what is really cool about setting up this app, is that it will teach those interested in these techniques through the use of augmented reality within him, which is a way of superstructures the very design of teaching, augmented reality, which makes the application of ARCore Elements products AR high quality.

It also offers you the app how to set the expectations of users in AR, and how to encourage users to navigate and explore the world of En, and even how to interact with the virtual objects and more, as well as introducing the principles and models en, the design of the environments and even create the processing of the virtual objects and more.

تطبيق Elements من قوقل لإنشاء تطبيقات ديناميكية أفضل باستخدام ARCore

Finally the application of ARCore Elements is available to download for FREE Full-on shop Google Play and to find out more about instructions for the design of augmented reality from Google, Go to here.

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