Application of Splash and Bubbles for Parents to explore the science of the ocean with the family

تطبيق Splash and Bubbles for Parents لاستكشاف علوم المحيطات مع العائلة

Is Splash and Bubbles one of the best TV programs of the family, to come to the application of Splash and Bubbles for Parents embody the gifts of this program but way too contrived, without him this app from the development of a network TV channel “PBS KIDS”, to be a wide door to help children build the skills they need for success, in this context young people that applied that provides for families to start a conversation and video clips and activities to explore ocean sciences, and was developed in collaboration with the experts of the biology of the Marine.

And most importantly can use the app as a second screen while watching a series programme, through synchronization solutions, as well as provide information about the animals, environments and themes relevant scientific, as it offers beginners the talks at any time, and it’s all inspired by the characters of the Splash and Bubbles of life and entertaining to encourage families to explore and learn with.

It also includes the application of Splash and Bubbles for Parents Guide fun facts with the real photos for the ocean animals and environments, concepts of science, there are practical activities that encourage science learning and discovery in the real world.

In relation with synchronization solutions, which we pointed out previously, when pressing the Sync button while watching an episode of the Splash and Bubbles, will allow the app to listen and identify solutions that you see as soon as you sync, will app Guide Episode Guide Where You can find words and vocabulary, videos, music, characters, and questions to help you talk about science with your child.

A will app between your hands more than 100 audio and visible of the television program, not to mention watching clips in the real world of the oceans and much more, Finally the application of Splash and Bubbles for Parents is available to download for free and full on Android and iOS to improve it go here or here , respectively, which does not come with any ads or even any internal purchases.

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