Application of Reachability Cursor makes you a pointer as the mouse on the screen of the Android

Personally and many others are doing more worthwhile apps from the tools category, where quite frankly rarely find an application that is useful in this category, one of the latest of these apps is the application of Reachability Cursor which comes up with the idea more fascinating, distinct in the Create Index much like the idea of the mouse cursor on the desktop.

Therefore this app only exists for devices the author of the young adult, being a help in development and become the phone with one hand, along the app is perfect for those who use heavily feature gestures to navigate between pages and tools their phone Android.

In relation to the possibility of use they are extremely easy, where after installing the application to Reachability Cursor scroll from the edge of the screen to show the cursor, and there you will see a large white circle with small Index, where the circle will be the center of the cursor control, to open an application, simply move the cursor across the circle and then clicking on the circle to open the app, that disappears each indicator and circle automatically after clicking.

Finally apply Reachability Cursor is available in two versions the first is free and does not support any ads, and the other driven at the price of 4.49$, to make use of more tools as an option to adjust the indicator area according to the needs, and the option to customize the appearance, behavior, and gestures, and choose panel settings quick and shortcut notification received.

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