Application of Lockbox to gain access to saved passwords in Firefox from outside the browser

تطبيق Lockbox للوصول إلى كلمات المرور المحفوظة في فايرفوكس من خارج المتصفح

After that it is available exclusively to users of iOS, here’s the Mozilla allows application Firefox Lockbox users of the system to other Android, which is a manager of passwords allows users to access saved passwords in Firefox from outside the browser.

Thus with this application, can browser Firefox fill in the passwords saved in the browser while logged in to the account in the app, which was not possible before, as this allows you to reserve access to the saved passwords in Firefox on the desktop if you prefer to use a different browser on the mobile phone.

The application supports Firefox Lockbox view saved passwords and copy and paste them, and even adjust it as a service for the automatic in the settings of the Android system, and this is accompanied by the director-256-bit encryption, which is essential for this kind of things, finally the application Firefox Lockbox is available to download for free and full on store Google Play, and you can download it also via file the APK from here.

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