Application news news comes with a new design and watch later and more

تطبيق نبأ الإخباري يأتي بتصميم جديد وميزة المشاهدة لاحقًا وأكثر

In a world where technical for you to both small and large, has become the whole world a small village, it has become certain that all the information about any area available to you with the push of a button, and when it comes to what is going on around you from the news, everyone wants to stay on the lookout areas, and here comes the role of application News, which is an application that offers its users the news coverage full of the latest and most important news from around the world.

In turn, this app is designed very carefully to suit the Arab user, which is by the way available on both Android and iOS, as we have indicated he is interested in the news around the world, to be coverage for all the news the whole time of their occurrence, drawing on the best and most important global sources and selected too carefully.

On the other hand, got the app recently updated large abundance with a lot of new additions, for example, has been redesigned the app to provide the best possible user experience of the Arab, there is a feature to save the news for later viewing, with the possibility to read them without internet connection, as well as his support for Night Mode, Change Font settings as desired.

Do not expect it at that, it has been consider the application fully, and through the show the latest and most important news in the rankings by country or preference, and finally the development of the feedback system to allow commentary on the news, respond to comments and discussions about the news and share to social networking sites.

Finally the application of news is available to download for FREE writer, and download it on Android or iOS, go directly to his official website and there you will find the download links.

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