Application Netflix will begin to interact with users when viewing certain scenes

Have you ever thought of getting a realistic experience when using the Netflix app photo phones smart? That might be true with some of the scenes.

تطبيق نتفليكس سيبدأ بالتفاعل مع المستخدمين عند عرض بعض المشاهدApplication Netflix will begin to interact with users when viewing some of the scenes

Netflix announced about their new project Project Rumble Pak, which aims to give the user the greatest amount of interaction during the viewing, where the goal is to make the phone vibrate when you watch certain scenes or even run the sounds of the scenes differently.

For example when you run a scene from a movie has an explosion, we will that the application will start vibrating with the blast interactively.

It is also in some scenes, we’ll see that the app is out some of the sounds are as strong as some of the cases of firing rockets or lasers.

The water you need cooperation and integration to offer Immersion Corporation with the content of Netflix during the show is what gives the character interactive with the viewer.

This of course will reflect on the size of the use the Netflix app on phones to view content, especially as it will give users the interactive experience featured can’t stop with the different hardware of the computers or smart TVs, which will help the company also to raise the proportion of use of their apps and watch the content and compete against other companies because of similar techniques.

The trying to clamp down on competitors

Will face of the company during this year’s big occasion is certainly in the area of content industry, especially after the announcement of Apple about the launch of its service for visual content, a declaration of Disney for the launch of the service Disney plus in the month of November of the current year, which makes the competition for content is very large, but the development of Netflix for a similar might help her to attract more public attention than the other.



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