Application messages Android will become the messaging app the default on Samsung phones!

According to the latest leaks, the Samsung considering the use of application messages Android Android Messages as the messaging default on its phones, but from the application messages Samsung current.

تطبيق رسائل اندرويد سيصبح تطبيق الرسائل الإفتراضي على هواتف سامسونج

Application messages Android will become the messaging app the default on Samsung phones

The move comes from Samsung after activating the Google technology messaging new RCS in a number of European countries by Application messages Android, Google plans to deploy this technology in more states soon.

What messaging system RCS?

Messaging system RCS, or Rich Services Services is a cutting-edge IT systems, communication world which allows users to share photos and videos, and share location data and other information that can be shared across the internet, as well as make voice and video calls, see the status of delivery and if he read the other message you or not, through the application of the usual message on your phone.

Google has begun early effort to develop a messaging system RCS will develop its full features of this new technology, so it is logical to go Samsung using application messages Android as the default in the future.

You can learn more details of the messaging system RCS from here, and share what you think in the comments.

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