Application Logo Maker for Android – designed your logo and your professionalism with ease, for free !

As long as you have a smartphone, you can be a professional designer, all you need to apply professional, and today we’ll show you one, which is dedicated to the design of logos, etc., today we’ll show you the application of the Logo Maker.

تطبيق Logo Maker لتصميم وإنشاء الشعارات والبطاقات الاحترافية

Application Logo Maker to design and create logos, cards and standby

If you are a professional or a beginner, you today on a date with the application tool professional logo design, all you need is to adjust the idea of the logo, its content, what it stands for, then it is through great content that provides you the application of different ready-made logos, you can count on through your idea, or you can bring your logo or special image for reliable job and making her professional logo.

What provides you to apply the Logo Maker?

  • Use easy, be content without the need for time to learn.
  • Logo a lot of high resolution you can take advantage of them.
  • A lot of lines.
  • The advantages of editing are many: improvements in lighting, color saturation, tires, etc.
  • A lot of backgrounds appropriate for the work with high accuracy.
  • The possibility of creating several works saved and completed at a later time.
  • The advantage of the remote.
  • Business save in the photo library.
  • Import images with PNG or PDF and also JPEG.
  • Supports all android devices.
تطبيق Logo Maker لتصميم وإنشاء الشعارات والبطاقات الاحترافية

Application Logo Maker to design and create logos, cards and standby

This offers you to apply the Logo Maker a lot of editorial tools as follows:

  • Control lighting and focus.
  • The shift in gradation.
  • Focus on certain elements.
  • Different frames and in blurry designs

Whether for personal or professional needs, applied Logo Maker would be best suited for you, through the advantages it offers to benefit in creation of your cards, the logo of your business different just through your Android device for free.


Works on Android devices version 4.3 and above .

Size: according the machine

Download on Android devices:

Developer : zind apps

Price : free

  Click here to download

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