Application Linux on DeX now supports the family of Galaxy S. 9 instead of 10, tablet Tab S5e

Before two years from now, Samsung has announced about the initiative, “Linux on devices the Galaxy”, which aims through its company providing Linux system on devices Galaxy, so after they get to DeX, to the company again and specifically in its conference for developers last year on the application of Linux on the DeX, which in turn lets you run Linux on a telephone or an affiliate of the company, and convert it fully to a computer.

With the beginning of the app, it only works on my device Galaxy Note 9 versions Tab S4, but with the update today, the app supports family phones Galaxy S 9 instead of 10 plus tablet Tab S5e owner specifications available, that’s just what he provided to this new update.

Finally, there is no additional hardware needed to use the application to Linux on the DeX, but will have to join the “beta” download from the store Google Play, or simply download his file and the APK from here, with reference UH will be on the campaign phones Galaxy S 9 the presence of the Android version 9.0 to run the application.

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