Application KidsGuard Pro possible for parental controls to protect children online, for Android!

Smart phones and tablet devices have become widely available for children are no longer limited to adults only, however small those children and tell their experience, they may be exposed to a number of hazards such as content, spam, or exposure to the threat and extortion E-or addiction to the use of those devices, so it may help your application KidsGuard Pro to protect your kids as it provides you with many tools for parental control.تطبيق KidsGuard Pro المميز للرقابة الأبوية وحماية الأطفال على الإنترنت، للأندرويد!

تطبيق KidsGuard Pro المميز للرقابة الأبوية وحماية الأطفال على الإنترنت، للأندرويد!

Features of the application KidsGuard Pro parental control:

Track the complete activity of little

The app enables parents to know the application that says little of use in addition to the browsing history on the internet and the things they typed it as the application to take screen shots without feel little.

Also the application displays calls conducted by little in addition to photos and videos that they took and the notes they produced. Everything will be under the nose of parents.

يتيح تطبيق KidsGuardPro العديد من أدوات الرقابة الأبوية

Lets apply KidsGuardPro many of the parental controls

Surveillance application conversation instant

Lets apply KidsGuard Pro for parents to monitor conversations made by their young, and contacts that agree with them on apps like WhatsApp and Viber, and LINE and application of SMS messages, etc.

Follow places small

You can track the geographical location of where your kids are via GPS or point WiFi related to ensure their safety.

The experience of buying and applying KidsGuard Pro

You can try the application of KidsGuard Pro free for 3 days and then the application provides you the possibility to process a paid subscription in the app for a month and three months or a full year. You can buy KidsGuard Pro and prices through this link.

Try applying KidsGuard Pro

How to use the application KidsGuard Pro?

1. Register an account on the website of the app from here.

2. Install the app on your child’s device according to the instructions after the registration of your account.

تطبيق KidsGuard Pro

تطبيق KidsGuard Pro

3. Start monitoring and tracking your children in the time that you want.

تطبيق KidsGuard Pro

تطبيق KidsGuard Pro

** Application KidsGuard Pro supports all phones, iPads and Android starting from Android version 4.0 and even Android 9.0.

Try applying KidsGuard Pro free for 3 days

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