Application Instagram gets a night mode in the demo version!

It seems that the app Instagram is the latest apps that reached the pattern of night mode Dark mode, although it is not officially available yet, but it’s a matter of time and to all users.

الوضع الليلي على انستجرامNight mode on Instagram

This information comes from reports 9to5google spotted the arrival of the night mode to the trial version of the application of the popular social media Instagram, where he discovered some users of the trial version of Instagram recently style Dark mode new in their application.

The source that users of phones Google Pixel camera that works with Android system 10 when they activate the night mode on the system level, it is activated automatically on Instagram, too.

It corresponds to the new update with Night Mode on Samsung devices running Android 9, and has the advantage of Night Mode on the interface by the current, when you activate Dark mode on Samsung devices it activates the demo version of Instagram as well.

Photo app with night mode looks amazing, however there is one problem which is that the Black completely covers the icons, battery, time and notifications while using the app, and become visible again once you close the application, but will address this point in version fixed definitely.

Finally, this update is available only to users participating in the beta version of Instagram, is expected to arrive to the stable version of the app in the next update.

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