Application iMeasure turns your phone iPhone to a measurement tool smart

تطبيق iMeasure يحوّل هاتفك الآيفون إلى أداة قياس ذكية

In the moment in which phones and tablet devices that support augmented reality, we can see the greatness in apps, especially with the augmented reality platform “R kit” from Apple and “feed the core” of Google, this latest application of which comes to this philosophy is the application of iMeasure available exclusively on the iPhone.

In relation to the app it converts your phone iPhone to a measurement tool very smart, in other words this app uses the augmented reality platform from Apple to enable you to make measurements quick room and even planning the floor full through the phone’s camera.

The best part of the iMeasure that you do not have no need to kneel on the floor to take a measurement, you don’t even need to move anything in your way such as furniture, etc., where the application can measure from behind the furniture even if it is not visible.

In turn you can use iMeasure measure anything like the dimensions of the furniture, appliances, doors, carpets and walls and backyard landscaping and many other things, and most of all that its ability to calculate the surface area and overall length in different units (meters, feet, cm).

However, you don’t need to have a pen and paper to draw your plan, your drawing is ready to participate / printing once you have finished the measurement, where the application will select the doors and windows and during the measurement you will people to set it automatically, while allowing for manual download if there are modifications required.

Finally the application of iMeasure is available for download at a price of$ 1.99 on the App Store, and take advantage of all its functionality on the iPhone 6 S minimum.

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