Application HiHello of the new business cards and share them faster

Can be keep track of all your contacts business a pain when dealing with business cards the material, this is why there are apps like HiHello Contact Exchange, where instead of carrying a bunch of pieces of carbon in my pocket, you can carry the business card of your digital on your phone which can be easily shared with anyone you want.

In this way, you never have to worry about forgetting your card again, with the application of HiHello you’ll be able to as a user do not create multiple cards with different information about them and the way to participate in different contexts that meet her “business, personal”.

There is the option to share the card safe using the icons, since they will need the recipients to anything more than just a camera phone, with support to share the card by e-mail or via text message, and finally applying HiHello is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, supports Android 5.0 the latest.

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