Application Google on Android will get the possibility to modify screen images and share them

Coming in the next version of the search app Google for the Android OS with a tool that allows users to share screen shots and edit, to is available version 7.21 of the application Google is currently in the pilot phase features option mentioned under the list of accounts and privacy on behalf of the “Edit and share screen shots”. When you enable the option it will when you take a screenshot in the application of Google to allow for the Preview to appear on the screen at the same time, users will have the option to share the image as is, or edited. This will test the amendment on the photo to open the simple editor allows the user to crop the screen shot, writing or drawing graphics innovative and respond to it highlighting the partials of them, or disguise part of it, and when finished, the user clicks on the check mark at the bottom of the image to be saved. And you can experience the new features at the current time, through participation in the pilot program to develop Google official store Google Play, expect to see a new feature in the official update coming to investigate.

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