Application Gmail for Android begins to get the advantage of dark mode

Likely to a lot of Android users waiting for the feature of Dark Mode “feature dark” from the Mail application else Gmail “Gmail”.

Especially people who don’t like their new design the owner of a white color, maybe with the latest version of Don’t, can they soothe themselves with the poison of the dark.

يبدأ تطبيق جيميل Gmail على أندرويد بالحصول على ميزة الوضع المُظلمStarts the application Gmail on Android with obtaining the feature of dark mode

However, unfortunately, the application does not need to Gimli now in the current time on Dark Mode full.

Where everything in it is just the beginning, through the application of this attribute from the Settings interface, as observed in the pictures below.

Therefore the application’s main interface, as well as the sidebar won’t support the dark mode.

Although we know this isn’t much but we hope to satisfy this, some of who are waiting for Dark Mode on one of the apps Google the most used.

Generally, if you just look at this dark mode in Gmail yourself, you can get Gmail v2019.06.09 via file the APK.

It is reported that recently, received many applications Google, for example.

Application Google the main, and the application Files and the Google Drive as well as observations of Google on the user interface the dark of their own.

Also, announced Google announced the launch of Dynamic Emails for all users on all platforms next month. A feature based on the technique of the AMP, so that allows users to browse the content of the e-mail and do several tasks without the need to exit the app.

Has begun to support this feature on the application of Gimli in the march past and the abundance of its users pack G Suite.

But now I decided to provide it to all users on all platforms on July 2 next.

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Generally, in respect to the Dark Mode on Gimli, expected to have full support during the days or the next few weeks.

As noted previously, the latest version of the APK from Gmail contains the first look not on dark mode, but our experience simply carry it from here.

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