Application Facebook for Android gets a new feature that gives track your location in the background


Facebook has started issuing a new change to develop its official platform, Android, a change which will allow users to disable the tracking feature of their sites in the background.

Previously, lets you Facebook application for Android either turn off Location Services or operated with the knowledge that when they are run be app able to track your location and save it constantly, even if the application is not in use, especially when using features like Nearby Friends. But using this new feature, if you choose to activate location services, you will now get another option lets you disable location tracking in the background. This measures essentially track your location, except in a situation where within the app.

The ability to prevent apps from tracking your location when not in use existed on iOS since a long time, but Android didn’t get such an option until now. For that reason, limited this new feature on the Facebook application for Android, because users of iOS devices can simply use the option that put Apple in the operating system itself.

The Facebook application will give a notification schedule to alert users to this new feature. Your current settings will remain intact even when the launch of this new feature. Thus, if you disable the tracking feature of the site, it will remain so but if you activate this feature, you can now choose to prevent it from working only when you open the app.


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