Application Duo talks video recorded more than a million times to install

Monitor the recent increase in the number of times you can install the application Duo to more than a million times, which is the application of video conversations launched by Google almost two years ago.


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The company launched the Google apps Duo for video chats two years ago, and today he managed to get more than million times download from the Google Play Store, where monitoring an increase in the number of times you can install the app via the website Android Police.

Have been able to apply the Duo to up to 100 million installs in July of 2017, and in May of this year the number of installation times to 500 million times, so it increased the percentage of App Install to 500 times in 6 months only, bringing the total now to more than million.

Recall that the application of the Duo set off for the first time in 2016 with the application of Allo from Google, except that the latter did not achieve the success and proliferation of the application Talks video Duo, which launched recently also to users of phones the iPhone, as Google has updated the app to be compatible with the iPad and Andorid tablets.


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