Application download bowls. months apps cooking recipes free dish Ramadan 2018

Download app dish my cooking without the net ate of Ramadan easy

Application download dishes my Atbaki the best apps to cook without the internet from the more applications that are downloaded and search for them in the holy month of Ramadan and vacations and holidays , too. is the application you might be looking for housewife and you need daily to learn dishes and recipes to cook a distinctive and new, and ate Ramadan pictures and ingredients , We provide you the best application to cook for Android to determine Ramadan dishes featured and download recipes cook for free, and various kitchens such as the kitchen manal world and Moroccan cuisine and Arab cuisine for eat-fast, easy, and quick, and equip the most delicious Ramadan dishes 2018 .

Leads the application of the dishes my mbc many of the nurses where you can download the application plates on all types of devices where a lot is considered the best application to cook for Android and apps cooking for iPhone , Ramadan 2018 to find a different Ramadan recipes and Ramadan sweets and ate Ramadan 2018 through videos and pictures applied to plates provided by the user or through the site dishes my atbaki , in this topic of our website and how technical you can download the application dishes. for iPhone and Android easily through the download links

Application of the plates. mbc is the best application for cooking for Android

Through download the application of dishes on the most beautiful Ramadan dishes, Ramadan sweets, where the application provides you a huge variety of sweets Eastern and Western how to learn the work of sweets and quick bites in the right way and is a free app for all devices Android life features of the app are simple and easy.

Whether you’re a cooking amateur or professional ,must depend on the sources and applications of preparation of the dishes you especially in the holy month of Ramadan the month of goodness and blessing , which, including the application of cooking professional and other ,and as you were watching the MBC and I came across one of their advertisements surely you came across the announcement for the application to dishes my .

وصفات طبخ بدون نت
Cooking recipes without the net

The application of my dishes Atbaki is the application of cooking show recipes variety of food Arab and Western and many of the recipes, Ramadan , and is a comprehensive guide and me ,is an encyclopedia for everything related to cooking and the kitchen.

Offers you the application of my thousands of delicious recipes and varied and proven by professional chefs both famous and common people of the finest cooks the bride is a recipe for the olive and chef Dima hijjawi

Learn cooking step by step video

The application of my dishes open to you the floodgates and every housewife who loves cooking as a hobby and want to prepare the tastiest dishes and the finest recipes ,being a teacher and Counselor to learn the arts and methods of cooking easily and clearly with the submission of an expression and way of preparation steps simplified as much as possible, written or photos or videos ,and the cooking experience fun and dive into the world of cooking as new and always renewed, innovative and smart of cooks, kitchens, and world-famous with the help in the search with ease within the application of my dishes.

So thought the application of my dishes Atbaki to teach cooking for Android life of the best and most powerful applications of cooking without the net in the world where got the app on the admiration of millions of people around the world .

خيارات تطبيق Atbaki اطباقي
Options application Atbaki dishes.


Without software download cook manal world’s easiest recipes for Ramadan

Download app dish allows you to take advantage of the kitchen manal world, where the user provides many recipes and ate Ramadan recipes chef manal world and the chef Dima hijjawi, and many of the recipes olive, starting from the holy month of Ramadan, the application opens my doors every housewife Arab amateur cooking and looking for recipes and ate Ramadan 2017 be the leader to teach the arts of cooking steps easy and quick and against clear criteria through the cooking recipes are written or in pictures or through the provided videos .

مطبخ منال العالم
Kitchen manal world

The app lets you how to learn the arts of cooking as soon as possible so that you can run the app without the Internet at any time possible , until you learn the history and implementation of what is learned and you can learn and understand recipes to eat during Ramadan, and ate Ramadan 2018 through anywhere be available in either the travel or the sea or at home and even in the street .

It has application to cook the dishes on the many and a lot of food aimed from different cultures and cuisines where the application contains my dishes Atbaki to teach cooking on the cuisine of Western and Eastern


The best apps to order food 2018 eaten during New

Often we need to develop and facilitate it’s the demand of restaurants and the recommendation of the occasions and dishes, especially fast food, or dishes, Chinese or Moroccan , and expect a lot of apps to order food and the recommendation of the seams it also can download apps restaurant guide that helps you when you travel places that you don’t know her one of the most important of these applications is zomato, which provides you with a range of restaurants in the area that you select with addresses and phone numbers and the reservation , also one of the best apps to book and order food from restaurants, is the application requests Talabat download the apps through this link

Apps connect requests to eat and restaurant guide in Ramadan 2018

The best apps cooking for iPhone and Android Ramadan dishes 2018

When you run your application dishes on a mobile phone you can register your entry on the application of the plates to share the dishes with your friends on the app to save your favorite recipes, too, through Facebook or by entering an email address and take advantage of the properties of the login on the application of the plates.


تطبيق اطباقي المجاني
The application of plates free

After showing you the interface of the main application which contains all the recipes some contains an illustrated explanation of the video and the others containing only the ingredients and method of preparation , you can choose the more common categories that interest you then click on the continuation to modify your profile, login then click on the continuation ,you can then enjoy access within the app .

You will find it is an interactive platform such as social networks you can share your dishes and describe your admiration describe the other ,as you can comment on them and save them .

وصفات الطبخ الشامية
Cooking recipes Levantine

Application of the plates my Android and the faith of the dishes in Ramadan pictures and ingredients

The application of the plates. Atbaki offers you the possibility to learn to cook new easily and quickly too, it is through a few keystrokes on the mobile phone screen you can get what you want from cooking and recipes new doable in your home kitchen quite easily, that’s where it became a lot easier by providing videos to explain how to prepare the batch has been processed by the most skilled chefs and the chef of all different nationalities as mentioned we like : chef manal world and the chef Dima hijjawi, chef, well, chef Hosni and others .

تطبيق اطباقي لوصفات الطبخ و الحلويات
Application of the plates. for cooking recipes and desserts

But you see also cooking and recipes, written by housewives and cooking is not only chef to celebrities, any to access a variety of completely will not feel protein eat of Ramadan, and lets you the best ways sweets Ramadan and Eid sweets and different kinds of desserts includes recipes app desserts such as sweets manal world, Eid sweets, sweets quick, easy, dessert, Moroccan, and next to the kitchen recipies Iraqi and confiserie patisserie, and sweet Khadija, Samira sweets, Ramadan sweets, etc .

The application provides dishes for the kitchen, many of the important advice and guidance in how to prepare equipment and also how to store and save food and clean cooking utensils and other important tips, providing the app is also easy to view the content and very clearly do not even have to hold the phone undisturbed while cooking .


With the availability of video clips to buy preparation and processing of printed cooking presented recipes it’s very easy, you don’t need after day to look at the internet sites and forums and maybe you’ll find some recipes written minus on other sites or is incomplete or access is not clear and other obstacles that may hinder the process of processing the batch that you want to try it or cook it for members of your family and family .


Link to download the application plates for the iPhone and Android for the protocols in Arab and international 2018

Download for iPhone

Download android

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    miami (AP) George Papadopoulos, the former Trump campaign adviser who pleaded guilty in special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, Is asking for immunity to testify before the Senate intelligence committee

    Two people knowledgeable about the negotiations said Friday that Papadopoulos has asked for the immunity as the committee seeks a closed door interview with him The people requested anonymity because the committee’s discussions are confidential The committee is examining Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election

    It’s unclear why Papadopoulos wants immunity after he had been sentenced to two weeks in prison for lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russian intermediaries during the campaign But he has spent many nights posting on facebook, along with his wife, Venting anger about the FBI and insisting he was framed by government entities

    Papadopoulos appeared on Capitol Hill on Thursday for a closed door interview with Republicans in the House who are checking what they say is bias at the Justice Department He did not receive immunity for that job

    Republicans left an interview saying he had reinforced their belief that the FBI and Justice Department were biased against Trump when they started the Russia investigation And Papadopoulos said in a discussion Friday on “Fox near friends” That he learned new information in the meeting and is considering pulling out his guilty plea

    It’s unlikely that he could do that Federal law regularly does not allow defendants to withdraw a guilty plea after sentencing without proof of some overriding injustice or new evidence

    A lawyer for Papadopoulos would not comment completely on his request for immunity

    Republicans said they learned new facts from Papadopoulos but wouldn’t detail legitimate because it were They charmdate review< a> done again their claims, Echoed by web design manager Donald Trump, That the Justice Department made mistakes in 2016 as it cleared Democrat Hillary Clinton in an investigation of her emails and started a probe of Trump’s Russia ties

    “these facts continue to lend themselves to the narrative that there were folks in the Obama FBI and Justice Department that prejudged Hillary Clinton’s innocence, And prejudged Donald Trump’s guilt or effort with the Russian government and potential collusion, Said arizona Rep bill Ratcliffe, Who attended an interview

    Papadopoulos, Who served as an international policy adviser to Trump’s campaign, Has been a central figure in the probe dating back before Mueller’s May 2017 appointment He was the first person to plead guilty in Mueller’s probe and the first Trump voice message adviser to be sentenced His case was also the first to detail a member of the Trump campaign having knowledge of Russian efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election while it was ongoing

    based on a sweeping indictment, Russian intelligence had stolen emails from charmdate < a> Clinton’s campaign and other Democratic groups by April 2016, The same month Papadopoulos was told by a teacher, ernest Mifsud, That Russian representatives had told him they had “dirt and grime” On Clinton like “Thousands of e mail, to be able to a New York Times report last year, Papadopoulos then told an foreign diplomat, Alexander Downer, Who tipped off the fbi

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