Application developers will know about you less

Last week Apple released the App Store for developers. Primarily the changes were to the privacy policy. Such measures the company intends to limit the collection of user data.

What has changed? For example, if an application requires access to contacts, the program requested the appropriate permission. After getting all the necessary privileges, the developers have full access to the phone book of the user. As it turned out, unscrupulous publishers could use this information for its further resale to advertisers and third parties, or creating your own databases. This point was not controlled and not suppressed by Apple until recently.

Now guide App Store is a clear rule on which the developers do not have the right to use and store on its servers the users ‘ contact information for purposes unrelated to the app’s functionality.

While it is unclear exactly how the company will be able to track violators. However, Apple has already started to remove apps that could potentially collect user data for other purposes, without their Express consent.

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