Application Daywise new Schedule notifications on Android

تطبيق Daywise الجديد لجدولة إشعاراتك على أندرويد

As time move of your notifications in your smartphone? Simply you can find via application ActionDash available on all Android phones, or via the tool Digital Wellbeing the default on Android 9.0, generally the bigger the more levels of lower productivity, as well as the inconvenience associated with frequent notifications, thus if you need to deal with these notifications try the application of Daywise new and exclusively on Android,

The task of the application in the establishment of the fund contained special notices, where it is assembled with the display during the “interval notification” be defined in advance, to ensure you never miss anything important, simply you can rating some app notifications as instant and collage, as well as with the app you can set your contacts to not display the notifications never, or completely stop on receiving any notice for a few hours.

As tool Digital Wellbeing, the Daywise also able to observe the habits of your phone and alert you of excessive use in the case observed, You’re on the particular application frequently more than necessary, as it will propose to postpone the notifications for this app, finally the application of Daywise available for download free on store Google Play, and in the case of non-support for your country you can download it with the APK and do from here.

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