Application camera Pixel 3 is now available for previous versions

Came phones Pixel 3 improvements on camera exclusive, said Google, they will try to bring it to the rest of the phones Pixel if possible.

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Arrived two days before the new update for the application the camera supports phones Pixel of the original Pixel 2, to come make a New allow user to click and hold on the screen to move to put Lens Google.

Put Lens Google new will give more information about the situation of the user and allows to change between modes by right-to-left instead of selecting a situation from the list to the side.

For the advantages of camera pixels 3, and found that the Night Mode The “Night Sight” powered telephones pixels of the original Pixel 2 after the update, but it is disabled is believed to do it next month.

Camera app store Google Play

But if you want to get Night Mode enhanced now, one of the members of the XDA Developers activate the situation in the version of the app so that it shows the situation within the tab more (More).

If you want to get Night Mode you can install APK application from here, knowing that it uses a different key to install it over the default app, giving you the option to delete it whenever you want.

Download Application camera Pixel 3-time night New

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