Application CallRec Pro to record calls on iPhone, important and wanted!

Application CallRec Pro is an application that is often asked by users, a dedicated application to record calls on cell phones iPhone, we recommend you to.

تطبيق CallRec Pro لتسجيل المكالمات على الآيفون، مهم ومطلوب!Application CallRec Pro to record calls on iPhone, important and wanted!

Application CallRec Pro you can download and use for free for three days and if it meets your needs and works efficiently on your phone and is compatible with the network that you use, you can purchase the full version with a monthly subscription.

Can apply CallRec Pro record incoming and outgoing calls without restriction. In order to register, click on the Home button during the call and then open the app CallRec Pro and press the record button you will see message then click on Merge calls to begin the registration process.

The recorded call will be stored on a special server application and you can listen to it from within the app or you can get a link to send to a personal email or any email to listen to it or download it.

Application CallRec Pro offers you the possibility to listen to the call recorded and modify its name or delete it in the time you want. You should be aware that the application of CallRec Pro needs to support your Network Property Group calls or call three of the parties until the application works and sign up, as Will the calculated value of the place the additional company your contact during registration, in any case you should try the app yourself!


  • Works on the iPhone devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 9.0 or later.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Coder: TeleStar LTD

Price : free for 3 days

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