Application bxLauncher to customize button Bixby on devices Galaxy

تطبيق bxLauncher لتخصيص زر Bixby على أجهزة جالاكسي

With the beginning of the current month can now carry devices Galaxy of reset button Bixby, in other words re-draw option of pressing a key assistant to both the pressure or dual pressure or prolonged pressure, however, the customization options are very limited, and most importantly not to put Assistant Google as an option available to users, but with the application of bxLauncher new you’ll be able to easily open any procedure directly from the button assistant Bixby.

For example you can with this app turn on the lamp or capture screen shot or switch to the latter, as well as open any installed application or open the camera directly, and most of all it is support to run the Assistant Google, and up some 40 different procedures, all across the open Assistant Samsung Bixby.

As the app also supports the option of double-clicking or prolonged pressure and, as well as there is support to do actions on the lock screen, the more worthy to refer to the application works properly you need at least version v2.1.04 of Bixby Voice, and finally the application of bxLauncher available for free download on the store Google Play, supported by ads, and ads you buy the full version from within the app.

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