Application Azar Azar You know the language away from “it”!

At the outset, let’s agree on something! Which is that every application has its advantages and disadvantages, and you decide how to use it. So, you have to know first all the information on the application of Azar Azar then ask yourself: for me, don’t you?!

You ask: “eh app is this?” In short, honey is applied to video-chat (video chat), began to spread in 2015, and was criticized a lot of users for violating their privacy and security, and in the past months, added the organizers of amendments, bringing the now includes a large number of users from across the world.

In the following lines, accompanied by your “buckle” in a short trip to learn all about the application of Azar Azar, along with how to download and create an account.

Features of the application wrapper

Imagine that one application allows you to watch more than 50 people every 30 seconds!, By clicking on the screen of your phone and move it left and right after creating an account, and if I felt that one of these people want to talk to video, all you have to do is stop moving your hand and start to talk to him without hesitation.

Right.. gives you the feeling that you’re watching the whole world, and you feel lonely and outfit the salt, as it makes you move and friends from more than 190 countries, which gives you the opportunity to learn new languages, learn the Customs and traditions of the countries I wished to visit, and build social relationships comfortable, and perhaps in the future have the opportunity to earn a profit as happens in the programs of the lat different.

Defects Azar

With regret, on the application of Azar Azar will not find the privacy, because everyone will be up to you and feel you, as you have the freedom to choose the person you want to talk to him, the others also they test you and possibly reject you!

Yes, they will tell you:”possible to learn”, and if they feel that you are a person silly, or your appearance is not attractive to them, you’ll are looking for the other, without ending the conversation in a cute way.. just by moving their hands to the right ends the call, like they are closing the line in your face exactly.

Download the application wrapper

The decision is now in your hand, I knew everything about the application, you can install it now on your phone through the Google Store (Google Play). Now, write your data or login via your Facebook account, the application Azar Azar recorder in the Google Play Store in more than 130 countries.

Choose a picture of yourself, as well as the name, and start getting to know everyone. Yeah, his steps easy and don’t need anything.

True, there are girls spoke with “buckle” about their experiences with the application of Azar, who said he includes a large number of users in the different countries of the world, but most of them are superior and do not have to work or study, which makes them in need of anyone talking with him, and others said that users can do to recognize them and download them under the pretext of marriage and build serious relationships: “pics of girls from you,” so, my dear I advise you to focus on your choice for the person who will talk to him, to avoid getting into trouble.

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