Application Apple TV gets a new look, finally

تطبيق Apple TV يصل بحلته الجديدة أخيرًا

The Apple TV during the conference, the sixth to talk about the re-design applied to entertainment content on the Apple TV after the announcement of the broadcast service content is visible , but since that time and users waiting for the arrival of a new app for their device to get the new trade.

Finally, got to update the Apple TV to all the devices that are working on devices iPhone and iPad to the TVs, Apple TV, and even TVs, the Samsung has a partnership with them on the TV its smart.

The new update for the application that reached more than 100 different countries to design a completely different include several sections; such as the content of the children and suggested content, and other sections. As Download update the arrival of the new channels bring the iTunes library full to.

And Apple that there are more than 100,000 movie and the series or the TV show Library in iTunes including a large range of business-quality 4K HDR which you can rent or buy them easily to watch them.

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