Application Apple the new centre will provide original content directly to users

Provided Apple application Apple TV Channels new today with features that allow for the provision and display of original content from Amazon, وHulu, and HBO along with Starz, and Showtime.

Apple- updated TV app

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Each of mazon and Hulu apps on their smart TVs, so it was a sudden announcement Apple today announced the availability of the content of each of mazon and Hulu along with original content for multiple channels directly through their new application.

The company noted Apple in its announcement today about the Apple TV Channels new, it will save the users experience in the follow-up content, where the user will enter a subscription to watch the content and channels preferred to him only.

Comes application by Apple new Apple TV Channels as an update to apply the TV to give users the experience of trying to apply Netflix Amazon Prime, where it will allow users to click twice to add the channels or buy your favorite TV shows, or request for movies specific.

Recall that the previous version of the application to the TV hang on sending users to apps third party to watch your favorite content, but with the new update for the users will be switched directly to offers favorite, as is the new app in the presentation of proposals to the user through a tab “For You”.


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