Application Adobe Scan now supports scan business cards and convert them to a contact

تطبيق Adobe Scan يدعم الآن مسح بطاقات العمل وتحويلها إلى جهة اتصال

The application Adobe Scan is one of the apps available on Android and iOS, which in turn provides the potential scan documents, as well as the possibility to modify the audio misaligned, cleaned, and even converted to levels subject to change, however, does not protect the app has unique features that make it the strongest among the group of applications involved in the same field.

But that was yesterday, so today I got the app on the new update introduced with the feature of elegant may be just what he needs to App, a feature to convert business cards into contacts with just one click, with reference to Adobe Scan is not the first app that comes with this feature, but as a scanner for documents, is the first.

In respect of the possibility to use, when the identify on the business card, the app displays a button to Save the Contact, lead clicked to add the person’s name and phone number and e-mail address and pictures to your contacts, it also includes the process of scanning the business card and save the contacts some manual work but, according to Adobe, you can apply them Scan the now do everything automatically and accurately the 99%.

He referred the Product Manager with the company, that app was working on this feature for a year before the panel feels they are ready, being that one of the problems of floating which has been solved is the possibility to scan the white text in black background or dark background too, and this is usually creates the technique of visual image Recognition, “OCR”, and finally this feature currently supports English language only, with the launch promises to be support for more languages during the next phase.

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