Application ActionDash to monitor usage on Android

One of the most important features that came with Android 9 is a tool to monitor usage – Digital Wellbeing, where you on the details of spending time on an Android device, and provides tools to reduce excessive use, which offers the application also ActionDash with additional features such as skins, dark and a summary of daily consumption and data backup, and more.

Does not require ActionDash the latest Android systems, any device issuing the Android 5 or later is compatible with the app.

The app features a monitor to use up to 7 days in the free version, and without any limits with the paid version.

You can see the applications used, and which one you spend more time in detail, the number of times you open the phone lock, the number of notifications you received, and any applications come more notifications. Daily introduces you to the application summary of the usage includes the total hours that has the phone screen, to help you more on understanding the battery life of the device and of use.

Knowing this, some features such as: blocking ads, theme, dark, copy the backed up data to restore them at any time, monitor the usage for more than 7 days ago, settings for the of usage are available for subscription: 2$– may vary over time and from country to country.

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