Apple’s revised encryption keys accounts iCloud of China to servers in China

For compatibility with the laws of China, Apple will transfer the stored encryption keys accounts iCloud Chinese to servers inside China instead of the United States of America. While no more details are available, but the servers in China will be under the management of the company Guizhou-Cloud. This step will help the government agencies to the Chinese for quick and easy access to the data of users emails and other important information for them. Where under the security protocol Apple TV, data is encrypted on the user’s devices to its service cloud, and access to this data requires access to the keys. When the keys to open encrypted accounts iCloud Chinese, she became the only store in China, while the keys of the other accounts are still in America. Process data request from Apple was passing on the case of the U.S., but this protection will disappear once the transmission of the keys to China. Where you will its agencies to request information from through the Chinese legal system, which lacks transparency and oversight. Source: appleinsider

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